Drifting Bio

Drifting Sand:

Surfer Spud – Lead vox, keyboards, tambourine
Tiki John – Surf Guitar, backing vox
Moondoggie – Beachin’ Bass, backing vox
Wookie – Surf Drums, backing vox

Drifting sand, caused by the force of the planet’s winds, has been around for over 600 million years.  Then in the early 90’s, two dudes named Surfer Spud and Surfer John wrote, recorded and released a double “A” sided single “Birds Can’t Surf” / “Shark! Shark!” on their own label called Pina Colada Records.  After being named after a sign on California’s Highway One and evolving into a four-piece, Drifting Sand went on to record three full-length albums, Surfpop, Drifting Sand and Summer Splash and performed hundreds of shows all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz for the next two decades.

With songs like “Surfin’ With Britney,” “Sand Is Your Friend,” “Beach Tour USA” and “Every Day Is Summer,” Drifting Sand have received regular airplay on Rodney On The Roq’s show on the world-famous KROQ and many surf specialty shows around the world.  Drifting Sand have opened up for legendary performers like Dick Dale and Nancy Sinatra and performed many benefits for The Surfrider Foundation and other charitable organizations.  Drifting Sand continue to entertain surfers, kooks and beach bunnies of all ages and are your beachin’ summer soundtrack.  So head for the beach but watch out for Drifting Sand.  Surf’s up!